Thank you to the veterans who have served abroad and at home. And thank you to all of the veterans in cannabis who are fighting for the patient's right to choose their own path to healing ūüíô

#veteransday #veteransforcannabis #veteranscannabis

"The American people have cannabis in common. It’s time for Congress to join us," says @Sethrogen.

We have a shot at legalization right now if we speak up! Visit to contact your reps now. #CannabisinCommon

@Cannabis_Voter @HeadCountOrg

#Cannabis plants promote Grace Overcoming Dependency. The recovery community needs their Green Thumbs back so they can rely upon Gardens Over Drugs "the only reliable cure for any addiction is..."-Jordan Peterson on alco... via @YouTube

How is the New Jersey Legislature going to deny homegrown cannabis in the Garden State? Just make it happen.

I highly respect @drsanjaygupta for several reasons:

- He's willing to change his opinion
- He's willing to admit when he's wrong
- He wasn't afraid to go on Joe Rogan
- He supports the use of medicinal cannabis

We need more doctors like Dr. Gupta.

Americans are sending a clear message‚ÄĒthey want an end to marijuana prohibition.

That’s why @SenBooker, @RonWyden, and I are working to pass our Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act to end the federal prohibition and undo the harms of the War on Drugs.

U.S. Cannabis Council@USCannabisCncl

The ubiquitous support for cannabis legalization can no longer be ignored. It's past time to end federal prohibition.

Grateful to @justinbieber & @palmspremium for their kind support of @lastprisonerprj. The ripples are spreading and will grow into an unstoppable tsunami of change!

‚Ā¶@vingopal‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@GovMurphy‚Ā© Green Thumbs grow Grace for our Gardenstate! Give residents the right to rely upon their Gardens Over Drugstores #cannabis #marijuana #recovery #ptsd #addiction ‚Ā¶@stevedeangelo‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@NJSenatePres‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@joerogan‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@JoeBiden‚Ā©

Wake up and smell the success psychedelics can promote performers. Thank you ‚Ā¶@elonmusk‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@JeffBezos‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@stevedeangelo‚Ā© ‚Ā¶@Sethrogen‚Ā©

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